Claire Brown
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Origine Art showcases contemporary and emerging art worldwide.

We draw on an extensive network of artists to bring the very latest trends in art today.


We are constantly sourcing art through visits to artists' studios worldwide or by artists sending us their works. Works are chosen based on originality, skill, and current market trends. 


Global Art World

Artworks are curated based on a constant assessment of the global art world and the market for individual artists, mainly contemporary and emerging artists in the primary market, who are working in the art capitals of the world: London, Beijing, Berlin, Brussels, New York, & Hong Kong. Regular visits are made to artist studios, galleries and new art fairssuch as ABC Berlin to assess new works of art to the market.



We build long-term relationships with our artists and help promote artists to a wider audience through our website and occasionally our exhibitions.

New artists are also recommended whose background and education are of note, their careers are just taking off, and have yet to be taken on by leading galleries. Now is the time to acquire works by such artists before their prices escalate.